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Proofreaders and Editors are Standing by...

Response time within 2 business hours AEDST

Never publish, submit or print your document without having it double-checked first!

The team of expert editors and proofreaders at Writing and Editing Australia will meticulously analyse your text so it is free from errors, and says exactly what you mean. We will do the dirty and tedious work so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Documents are transmitted securely with 256-bit encryption and purged from our system within 48hrs.

Editing Services

document editing Editing is more than just making sure everything is grammatically correct. It also ensures that unnecessary words are taken out, the details are correct, and that all your sentences say exactly what you mean.

Proofreading Services

proofreading services Not sure if you used the semicolon in your manuscript correctly?   Don’t worry and leave the technical work to us. Our expert proofreaders will keep an eye on every technical aspect of your writing, including the capitalisation of words, use of punctuation, and more.

Whatever the Document – We’ll make sure it’s error free!

editing and proofreading University Assignments, Theses, Scripts, Reports, Manuscripts, Articles, Emails – you name it, we’ve fixed it!

So before you take it to the press, send your work to us. We will take care of the rest.

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  • We work in MS Word using the Track Changes feature.
  • We will return two copies of the document (one with the changes accepted and the other with the corrections visible so you can see the changes we have made).
  • Your work will remain completely confidential.
  • We will not share your document with anyone else.
  • We delete your document from our servers once the project is finished.
  • Our computer systems and servers have up-to-date firewalls and anti-virus protection.